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Business Analyst

Louise gave me wonderful tips of enhancing my resume and increasing my chances of being selected. The process took a while and there were a lot of exchanges between the company and her and finally she arranged for me to give the interview. Before the interview she called me and even provided me with a bunch of material to read through to be well prepared. She honestly was my cheering friend through it all and after the interview, I was waiting for the result, she coordinated with the Company HR professionals and kept me updated. When she finally revealed that I was selected I cried tears of joy. I am truly grateful to her for her support and I would love to maintain the relationship we built ahead in my career. Inspire Selection is truly lucky to have an executive such as Louise to help others and various companies in U.A.E. I am forever grateful to Louise and Inspire Selection. Best Wishes and Seamless Success to you all! Keep up the great work!

Posted on Tuesday Apr 9