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Finance Director

On top of her game in Dubai, a market so highly competitive and heavily saturated with big names in the recruitment and talent management business, Louise managed (and still does) to manoeuvre Inspire Selection to the top. How does she do it?

From the perspective of a client, she does it by simply using networking at its best professional form. She stays in touch, gives honest feedback, hands out informative tips. She puts herself in her clients' shoes, listens and learns and encourages on a vice versa exchange. She does not treat me as a client, she treats me as a business partner. It is a symbiotic relationship making her a smart entrepreneur. She keeps her promises, never over-doing it and always over-delivering on her actions. She knows her limits and resourceful in her alternatives. She's one business model out of only two I admire which I hope I can emulate in future.  

Posted on Monday Feb 5