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Financial Controller - Pharmaceutical

Louise Vine launched me in the UAE market almost 9 years ago; and I have been connected to her since then, both as a candidate as well as, a customer. 

Louise has set high standards for her work, especially as a recruitment business partner. She has a well-defined method when approaching to fulfill an organization’s recruitment requirements. Starting with clearly understanding the role description and its positioning in the organizational hierarchy, she explores around the aspects on expectations of the hiring manager as well as their line manager, career profiling of the role, remuneration and rewards structures, and the potential for development and growth for the candidate. She then intelligently uses the information gathered, into narrowing down the best possible candidates for the role. Her recommendations are few, focused and generally, spot on. A testament to this is the fact that she helped me recruit 8 candidates of varying finance specializations, ranging from Assistant Payable Accountant, to Finance Director for an acquired company. Her contribution to the Transguard Group was almost 15 candidates, including me. 

The best aspect of Louise’s partnership is that she play on both sides and always aims for a win-win for the candidate and the hiring organization. With Louise, we always had the confidence of getting the best bargain for exceptional candidates. 

My experience as a candidate with Louise has been very satisfactory. She is honest and trustworthy, and is not afraid of pointing out your areas of development. She is highly respected by her candidates for her resourcefulness and eagerness to help. Personally, I value her clear and ‘to-the-point’ attitude. 

For the last 9 years, I have been recommending Louise Vine to everyone looking for Finance roles. Likewise, I have been recommending the organizations she has worked for, to my organizations, for want of proper, professional talent acquisition services. 

Posted on Tuesday Nov 14