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How to get noticed

We’ve seen some fabulous examples this weekend of how to get noticed by the cameras at the recent Royal Wedding, but how about standing out in a competitive job market?

Certain roles in the GCC are experiencing an oversupply of candidates. Our consultants at Inspire Selection discuss how to get noticed amongst the 1000s applying for your dream job



Your CV is your main sales tool.  Keep it simple, punchy, include lots of keywords (for more information on this, please see here). A recent, fresh, professional photo should be included, the whole thing should be no more than 4 pages (ideally 2-3).  We recommend getting your CV reviewed by an expert , click here to take advantage of a free CV review


Once a recruiter has seen your CV, if they see something they like, they will head over to your LinkedIn profile. Check your profile for spelling mistakes! Sloppy typos are not attractive to prospective employers. Click here for our linkedin tips.



Understand who you need to target in order to find your job. There is absolutely no point in contacting an IT recruiter if you are a Sales and Marketing professional.  You may be surprised that many of the CVs our recruiters receive are completely unsuitable to us, attempt to target quality and relevant contacts rather than a ‘scattergun’ approach.  Check the expertise of the recruiter before you send your CV. It is disheartening to send your CV to 100 people and nobody replies – but you need to question WHY they are not replying – are you targeting the right audience? Is your CV outdated? Is your photo unprofessional?

If you find a recruiter who is a true specialist in your area, they will want to hear from you. If they do not reply, then it is possibly because their inbox is full of unsuitable CVs (this is an ongoing battle for us!).  Please do chase the recruiter by email or phone until you receive a response.


Regular Contact

Keep in touch with your recruiter. They will advise you on how regularly you should do this.  For ‘fast moving candidates’, perhaps every 3-5 days.  For ‘slow moving candidates’ (in this market, the very senior level is quite slow) then once a month should suffice.


Don’t Give Up

If you are confident that your experience is relevant and clearly laid out, you are targeting the right person and have contacted your consultant – keep going, don’t lose heart – the right job is out there.

Contact our consultants here and GOOD LUCK!

Posted on Tuesday May 22