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Get the best partnership with a Recruitment Consultancy


The market is quite buoyant in the UAE, and with more roles being put out to market, job seekers are feeling confident about a move. It is time to start hiring.

Your budget has finally been approved, Terms of Business are in place, and NOW it is time to brief your agency. Here, the Consultants at Inspire Selection offer their advice on how to work best with a recruitment consultancy.



As with any outsourced function, recruitment works best if you treat your recruitment partner as an extension of your team.

A well briefed role saves so much time and effort in the long run. A comprehensive job description is an ideal place to start, but also – talk your consultant through the ideal candidate

Make the role more real. Liaising with HR is helpful and can really add value in the process but statistics show the fill rate is far higher when being able to de brief directly with the hiring manager. Cv to interview is a better conversion ratio when you get into the mindset of the hiring manager.

Remember briefing is a two-way process – listen to your Consultant’s advice on salary and expectations. They will be able to advise you – perhaps they suggest that the salary is too low to attract your ideal candidate, it is because they are experts in their field.  Consultants are talking to candidates in your industry all day long.  By looking at a CV, a good consultant can usually judge within AED 1-2,000 the level of salary someone would be able to achieve. And the same in reverse, a Consultant will understand from your requirements what salary you would need to pay to find this type of person.  They also know what your competitors are offering and can therefore best advise you on benchmarking.


Keep lines of communication open. When you receive CVs, bear in mind that the recruiter will have screened many people to decide on this shortlist, and that this shortlist gives a fair representation of candidates available in the market. At this stage it is about quality not quantity – you hired a recruiter for a reason - you are busy with your day job – trust that the recruiter has done theirs and worked to your brief.

If you decide to interview the shortlisted candidates, move quickly! Candidates will not wait around for long if they are serious about changing their job. Chances are that they are already interviewing with other companies.


Your recruiter will have already met all the shortlisted candidates face to face and confirmed that they meet the minimum criteria – in effect the first stage of interviews has already been conducted. Interviewing is a two-way process. When interviewing your shortlist, remember that this is your chance to sell the role and the organisation – engage the decision-makers quickly so the candidate realises that you are serious about the hire and ready to go. If the candidate is very high calibre, the chances are that they will be in demand – ensure you beat your competition by selling the values, team ethics, career path.

It is best not to negotiate the salary directly with the candidate.  Inevitably this can leave a sour taste if things do not go well for either party.  Leave the negotiation to your consultant who can come to a mutual agreement whilst keeping all parties engaged.

Feedback is really important here too, positive as well as negative. If the candidate wasn’t the right fit for the organisation – tell your recruiter. However, if they are suitable, you need to move quickly to the next stage so you do not lose them.


Situations change – sometimes a role that was critical is no longer required, or perhaps some restructuring takes place and therefore the role isn’t needed anymore. It’s imperative that your Consultant is aware, from the beginning, whether this might occur and if it happens – tell your Consultant straight away so that candidates can be informed. Time spent working on roles that are not 100% approved is time lost for you, the potential candidate and your consultant and can ultimately affect the company brand.

A Consultant is working on your behalf and is representing your employer brand. When you find a partner you can trust, consider offering them exclusivity on the role. It may seem like a good idea to enlist a whole host of agencies but consider the effect it has on your brand if the same candidate is approached by more than one agency for the same role, as well as the implications it has on the time wasted for all parties.


By keeping channels of communication open with your Consultant during and after the recruitment process, your recruiter will continue understand your business needs.  Therefore, when new roles arise, your Consultant will know exactly what type of candidate fits your culture and values.

We know that you are looking to do so much more than just simply filling a vacancy, you need to hire a valued employee and team member who will play a key role in developing your business. By investing time in your recruitment partner, the team at Inspire Selection can help you achieve all that and more.

Posted on Sunday Apr 22