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Inspire Selection launches Hospitality Division

We are delighted to introduce our new Recruitment Consultant Angela Williams who will be heading up the Hospitality arm of Inspire Selection.

Welcome back to the market Angela – what is it about this sector that attracts you?

The hospitality market in this region is so fascinating, and since moving to Dubai I have watched it develop into a world class destination.  Dubai has the highest number of hotel keys by resident than any other city in the world, Dubai has 30 per 1000 compared to the next highest which is Paris and has 18 per 1000. The average spend per overnight visitor was over $2000 in 2017 – the highest in the world. The city is definitely going through an adjustment and so much inventory means lower occupancy, but the city is also expecting 20 million visitors for Expo 2020 which is exciting.

Tourism globally is up, people are travelling more and more, however, tourists are spending less and less on luxury accommodation and more on activity and entertainment and this has seen the trend for more mid-scale and budget hotels, something that just did not exist in Dubai 15 years ago.

In terms of recruitment, there is still some growth in the market due to new hotels opening, occupancy rates are down, this results in a fierce competition for the best people. Hotel chains are having to do more with less money to attract and retain the spending customers, therefore the people they hire must be better than ever. The playing field has changed, whereas before Dubai was able to offer a very high level of service by employing a large number of people, often more staff per guest, now the emphasis is very much on quality of staff.

Turnover within this sector is notoriously high, with so many international roles and moves, the sector is already very transient and the UAE being such a transient place, the recruitment teams within the industry have a big job on their hands. New employees can come from all over the world and sometimes we’ll target one particular place in the world to fulfil a specific initiative, such as recruiting for an Italian restaurant or targeting the Chinese market for instance. This makes it a sector that never stays the same and always presents challenges, it’s a demanding but fun place to be.


Tell us more about your background:

When I graduated I wanted to continue to study and to see the world, so I joined Emirates as cabin crew whilst completing my masters part time. I settled in Dubai, 18 years ago. None of my friends back home in the UK had heard of the UAE and it was fascinating watching it grow from a place that no one knew about to one of the most sort after destinations in the world.

I started my career in talent acquisition at Emirates recruiting for Cabin Crew, then moved over to recruit in-house for the construction industry and a government investment corporation, but most of my experience has been in luxury hospitality.

After having a few years off to have a baby I decided that a career agency side would give me more control over my time and be more family friendly. Inspire Selection is by far the most flexible agency out there with a real commitment to offering it’s consultants a proper work life balance whilst ensuring it’s clients and candidates get the very best levels of quality and service without the sales pressure.


What do you hope to bring to Inspire Selection and its clients?

I am passionate about recruitment and love finding people jobs, having sat in the desk of our clients, I truly understand what they are looking for and am familiar with their culture and preferences. By partnering with clients, gaining their trust and creating a network of excellent candidates I hope to be able to grow the Hospitality division of Inspire Selection to become one of the most successful in the industry.

Louise Vine, MD Inspire Selection says:

We have been keeping an eye on the Hospitality sector within the region for a while now, so when we heard that Angela was looking to get back into the market place we were thrilled that she chose Inspire Selection to work for, her experience and professionalism fits very well with our culture of honesty and integrity and the contacts and knowledge she brings helps to place us even more firmly as leaders in the market place.

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Connect with Angela at:


+971 50 559 6807



Posted on Thursday Jul 5