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Linkedin tips for Job Seekers

It is rather disheartening to find your dream job advertised, only to see the number of applications has already reached into the hundreds.  Don’t despair!  If you really feel you are the perfect match, then the recruiters are hoping you will still apply. Here, the recruiters at Inspire Selection in Dubai advise you on how to get noticed.

Fact: In the Middle East especially, recruiters are faced with an unprecedented amount of applications from candidates who are usually unsuitable for our roles.  We have to be quite brutal with our filtering out.

How do we deal with this?  We use Keywords and tick boxes to search and filter through the applicants.

As a Recruiter, we have search tools available including the candidate’s location (country), industry, companies they have worked for in the past, how big the companies are, languages spoken, degrees studied etc.  We are able to narrow down the applicants within a couple of minutes from 1000s to just the top few ‘most suitable’ according to linkedin’s filters…  Therefore if you have not completed your profile properly and in detail, you may not show on our filtered shortlist.



Here are our top tips to get noticed by a Recruiter ahead of the other candidates:


  • If you have recently relocated, ensure you change your country on linkedin.  This is one of the main filters a recruiter will use to include to exclude you in their list. In fact, there is even an ‘auto-reject’ filter when a candidate applies to a vacancy – whether we include people living outside the country or whether they are ‘hidden’ from our lists.


  • Complete your schooling, universities, Degree subjects.


  • Consider putting your qualification letters after your name so it’s easy for us to spot in a list of names. Eg ‘John Smith, ACCA’ or ‘Mary Jones MRICS’
  • List all your previous employers.  As a recruiter, we can filter our lists by ‘years of experience’ in work.  If you have only included the last 10 years and left the previous 8 years off your linkedin profile, it will appear that you only have 10 years in our filters and Linkedin may deem that you are too junior for a senior role.


  • Keywords: The more relevant text you include in your profile, the better chance you have that we will find you.  Use synonyms throughout your profile in order to maximise your visibility.

    Each Recruiter will use slightly different words to try to find the right candidate.  For example, if we were searching for a ‘HR Director in the FMCG industry’, we may use a combination of the following keywords: ‘GM HR’, ‘Head of HR’, ‘Director of HR’, ‘HRD’. It is advisable that you consider all keyword options throughout your profile. We may use industry specific keywords rather than a generic ‘FMCG’ word.. for example we may use ‘cosmetics’, ‘shampoo’, ‘chocolate’, etc  so be specific and comprehensive with your descriptions.



  • Describe yourself well in your Summary – eg ‘Entrepreneurial US citizen, born and raised in New York, MBA qualified with a passion for Information Technology in the healthcare industry’

Finally, if you really believe you can beat the other applicants to this perfect vacancy, don’t rely on us finding you! Inevitably some candidates will slip through the net. Please do send a message, InMail, look up the recruiter’s contact details and email their work inbox, call their phone.  Please alert us - We want to find you!


Good luck with your applications. We hope this advice helps you find your dream job.

Posted on Monday Jan 8