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Revenue Manager, international law firm

Finding a career start is one of the most difficult full-time tasks any graduate could face. Let alone, finding the right career start. I have looked for the right opportunity after graduating, but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find an opportunity that would have all the factors that I was looking for in terms of company culture and job description. Louise helped me find what I was looking for to an exceedingly great extent. She has skills that I have honestly found extremely valuable in terms of coaching and following up, in addition to demonstrating a high level of professional expertise in her field. In style, she was open and inviting to questions and feedback, expressing appreciation for them. Furthermore, her enthusiasm helped me become more confident and positive throughout the interviewing process. I highly recommend Louise and thank her for all the effort and optimism that she has portrayed. I have to note that she is very fast yet accurate in getting things done, which is very impressive.

Posted on Thursday Feb 23