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Review of 2018

Despite the downturn in the market, we are grateful that 2018 has been Inspire Selection’s most fruitful year to date.  So many vacancies arising from existing and new clients, yet depending on the level of the person we are working with, some candidates have sadly been forced to venture back to their home countries or to pastures new.

Vacancies have flowed in steadily throughout the year with Q1 being the busiest for new positions.  We always advise that if you are looking for a job from overseas, you should visit the Middle East in person for as long as possible during this period and try your luck between January and April. 

Ramadan and Summer coinciding in 2018 meant a slightly slower pace for a sustained period, with many clients and candidates travelling.  Getting from 1st interview to offer stage can take several weeks longer than usual.

2017 was a ‘hesitant’ year - quite a substantial number of the vacancies we worked on, resulted in being put on hold whilst the clients pondered whether or not they could cope without the extra headcount. However, 2018 has been more positive, with employers realising they need to make strategic hires, and focusing on replacing weak performers with stronger candidates. 


As our graphic shows, 60% of our placed candidates in 2018 were between the ages of 30-39. We tend to experience a general request to target younger candidates in Dubai for many of our vacancies, despite more mature candidates being able to do the job just as well. Ageism is one of the challenges faced regularly by our consultants.


At Inspire Selection, we always submit a shortlist based on the best candidates in the market regardless of nationality, and try to educate our clients not to narrow their candidate pool based on nationality – Focusing on diversity is a proven way to increase productivity in the workplace.  We are proud to have placed 28 different nationalities including Dutch, Kenyan, Russian, Zimbabwean, German, South African, Lebanese, Algerian, to name just a few.


The split of our placed candidates this year is almost 50-50 and we do not notice a gender pay gap in this region.

Salary level

Despite our placement split of seniorities being equal across the 3 categories ‘Low’, ‘Mid, ‘Senior’, the salaries do not reflect this.  We made more placements at around AED 18-20k than at any other level.  A quarter of our placements were between AED 20-30k, and only 15% were above AED 40k, which is a true reflection of what we are seeing in the market… there are not many companies offering the high salaries which were historically achievable, and new hires are brought in at a lower level to keep costs down whilst promoting existing employees up at a lower salary than their predecessors.  Company benefits are being squeezed, for example schooling is a luxury to find these days.

We looking forward to changing more lives and enabling our candidates to prosper further in 2019.

Posted on Saturday Dec 29