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The Do's and Don'ts when Applying for a Job

The job market in Dubai is a very competitive place, whether you are looking for a new job locally or hoping the make the move out to the UAE, Jasmine Soyan, Recruitment Director at Inspire Selection offers some tips on the Do’s and Don’ts when applying for jobs in Dubai.




DO make sure you're serious about a career move and have thought it through thoroughly. Things may not be going well at work and the idea of using a job search just to shake things up may seem like a good idea – but this can lead to long term damage to your personal ‘brand’. There’s nothing more frustrating than getting 2 months into the hiring process and the client is ready to make an offer when the candidate changes their mind. Find out more here https://www.inspireselection.com/thinkingof-taking-a-counter-offer.

DO your company research. A candidate who has taken the time to really understand a company and incorporate its mission and values into their job history and cover letter will stand out among other applicants who applied without doing their homework.

Also, checking out the company’s website helps you see if the firm is one where you would want to work.  Save yourself and the recruiter time and only apply for positions within organisations that you want to work for.


DO your country research. If you are living overseas and applying for an expat position, do thoroughly research the city you plan to live in, such as the cost of living and culture BEFORE applying, there is no point in applying for a job if you cannot afford to make the move, find out more here https://www.inspireselection.com/relocating-to-the-uae


DO read the job description. Understand fully what the role entails and that you have the correct skills/abilities. The negative impact of candidates applying for unsuitable vacancies is bigger than just clicking the APPLY button.

“It is in everyone’s best interests that you only apply to a job you really feel you have a chance of getting” says Jasmine, “Nothing is more baffling than a Finance Manager applying for a Marketing Manager role.  Read the requirements of the role carefully, check for specific language requirements and industry requirements – this is a common request in the Middle East. Our clients know what they want and so should you.”


DO tailor your resume for each position, making sure that you include relevant search terms for the job. Especially when applying on line, Jasmine says “it’s tempting to apply for jobs online and quickly submit your resume and cover letter and move forward, however, when applying for a job online, there is a high chance your application will go right into an Applicant Tracking System(ATS) to be reviewed by a recruiter. Applicant Tracking Systems often screen and sort resumes by topics or keywords, like education or managing a budget.”


DO be upfront once you find a recruiter, be honest about your salary expectations, notice period and any other offers you may have, Jasmine says “expectations should be set at the very beginning, so your recruiter can offer the best service to you and the client, this is a 3 way relationship and needs to work for everyone.”


DO be clear if you have been approached by multiple other agencies about the same role, let your recruiter know. Chances are both agencies will submit your resume to the client. By not making the agency aware, you are harming your own brand image as well as putting the Consultant in a difficult position.




DON’T operate a scattergun approach. Think of quality rather than quantity.


DON’T de-value your expertise. If you’re a Head of Treasury please don’t try to convince your consultant you’re right for a lower level Assistant position.


Don’t forget to add your LinkedIn profile, having an active LinkedIn profile helps show a recruiter that you’re serious about your job search and career. You can include more information about your background and skills on LinkedIn than through a normal job application, so take advantage of this opportunity. Before you link to it, though, make sure your LinkedIn profile is job-search ready. Add a great picture, show some of your recent projects and make sure you’re active in relevant LinkedIn networks – see more here https://www.inspireselection.com/linkedin-tips-for-job-seekers 


For more information or to discuss your job search, contact one of our experienced consultants here info@inspireselection.com




Posted on Wednesday May 9