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The Future of Work



There is a lot of talk about the Future of Work and how the workforce will adapt to changes in automation and Artificial Intelligence. This fascinating McKinsey study on ‘Automation and the Future of the Workforce’ caught the eyes of the Inspire Selection Consultants.

This study investigates the roles that will be on the increase and those on the decrease, how different sectors will be affected and how organisations can prepare for the changes – including how HR and training will need to change.

With the rise in AI, technological skills will be in high demand, as well as finely tuned social and emotional skills as those in leadership and managerial roles will still be needed however, the roles in greatest decline will be those requiring basic cognitive skills and physical and manual skills.

Companies will need to be more agile and quick to make organisational changes as jobs change.

Highly skilled workers will be in high demand and able to command high salaries, companies who are early adopters of automation will attract the talent they need, however, those slow to adapt will struggle to find the talent they need.

HR departments will have a significant role to play in building the workforce of the future but will need to adapt to equip the workforce for the future.

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Posted on Tuesday Jun 5