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UAE Employment Visa Changes – Certificate of Good Conduct

UAE Employment Visa Changes – Certificate of Good Conduct

To help safeguard the UAE’s national security and ensure a safe living environment, from the 4th February anyone requiring a new employment visa will be required to submit a ‘Good Conduct and Behaviour’ Certificate.

The certificate should cover the last 5 years of residency


UAE Residents      


Those who have been resident in the UAE for 5 years or more can apply online via the Dubai Police website www.dubaipolice.gov.ae or via the Dubai Police smart apps. It can also be done in person by visiting any police station. It costs between 100 – 300 AED and is a quick and simple process.


Overseas applicants


Those wanting to enter the UAE for employment, or who have lived elsewhere within the last five years will need to apply for a certificate of good conduct from their home country (or previous country of residence) and get this attested by UAE diplomatic offices.

Inspire Selection www.inspireselection.com takes a look at how to obtain a certificate of good conduct from some countries:



United Kingdom  

UK citizens can apply for a police certificate that contains details of any previous convictions or impending prosecutions, offences under investigation.

The application can be completed online at www.acro.police.uk/Police_Certificates_Online.aspx, the process takes ten working days, although for a quicker response there is a premium service which takes two days, cost are from £45 – 80 (230 – 415 AED)



United States  

The US produces certificates of ‘good conduct’ or ‘lack of a criminal record’. These are best obtained by visiting a local police station or in writing to the Criminal Justice Information Services division at the FBI.




A police clearance certificate can be applied for online via http://passportindia.gov.in/AppOnlineProject/online/pccOnlineApp

The cost is 500 Rupee (30 AED)




Canadian citizens can apply for a Criminal Record check by submitting fingerprints either at a local police station or through an accredited company http://www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/en/who-can-conduct-criminal-record-check  The cost is $25 Canadian (75 AED) and waiting time is 3 working days.




Russian citizens within the UAE can visit the Russian Consulate in person, processing can take a month or longer.




This is best done within Lebanon by visiting a local Gendarmerie Territorial Brigade, it costs 2000 LBP (5 AED) and can be processed the same day http://www.isf.gov.lb/en/article/172/Criminal-Records




Australians living within Australia must contact their State or Territory police service or apply online via their websites or through Aus Post https://auspost.com.au/police-checks  This take 2-10 days and costs $49.90 AUD  (150 AED) plus $59.90 AUD (178 AED)  for a hard copy.




As yet the Philippines Consular is still waiting for advice from Manila on the issuing of Good Conduct Certificates. https://www.khaleejtimes.com/news/general/philippine-consulate-speaks-on-good-conduct-certificate



Only people seeking or changing employment visas need to carry out these checks, sponsored family members and tourists are exempt.


Please ensure you request your Certificate at the same time as attesting your documents to save time once an offer has been agreed with your new employer.



Posted on Monday Jan 29