Welcome to Inspire Selection

What will you do with my CV?

When we receive your CV, the first thing we do is try to understand exactly what you are looking for via an initial telephone chat. Then we check our current openings and consider our clients to see if we may have a match. If we think we might have something, we will contact you to discuss it further.  Wherever possible, we will meet you face to face for a more in depth discussion.

If we don't find an immediate match but we think you have an excellent profile, we will save your information in our database. Whenever we receive a new opening, we review CVs in our database to see if we might have a match. We never sell or share the information in our database with third parties.

Registering your details with us doesn't always mean you have to make a move; in the past we have advised our candidates, that it is in their best interest to stick it out at their current position for a little longer. We have the experience to recognize the appropriate next step for you and the integrity to do what is in your best interest.