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Working Hours Survey

We recently surveyed a sample of our 97,000 LinkedIn followers on their working hours

Overwhelmingly, people told us that they are expected to work longer hours than the recommended 8 hours per day

This is not their choice, and it is not paid for, but due to the demands of the job and the expectations that their employers place on them

53% of respondents are hoping to change their job in 2019.

The Results

How many hours a day do you work on average?

less than 8 hours 11%
8-11 hours 76%
11+ hours 13%

Do you need to work evenings/weekends to keep on top of your workload?

Never 17%
Occassionally 56%
Most of the time 21%
Yes, all of the time  7%

Are you paid extra for working overtime?

Yes 8%
No 92%

Why do you work so many hours?

My company is generally understaffed 45%
To show my boss that I am a hard worker 8%
I am unable to delegate the work as the staff are not strong enough 23%
It is the industry norm to work long hours 49%

What is your current gross salary?

AED 5-9K/month 25%
AED 10-19K/month 34%
AED 20-29K/month 16%
AED 30-44K/month 14%
AED 45-64K/month 6%
AED 65K+/month 3%

Are you generally happy in your job?

Yes, most of the time 18%
Half of the time 29%
No, I want to find something better 53%


Posted on Wednesday Jan 16