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The difference is our talent

Experts at connecting the best people to the right opportunities

Inspire Selection is a leading boutique recruitment consultancy, based in Dubai since 2012. Employing expert search and recruitment consultants, we recruit for a wide spectrum of organisations across Dubai, the UAE and the Middle East region.

Proud to be awarded ‘Agency of the Year’ by industry experts in Dubai for seven years running, we concentrate on ‘getting the job done’.

We exist to promote ethical practices within recruitment, enabling consultants to work hard with the autonomy they deserve, free to deliver a world-class service to all customers. And most of all, we love changing peoples lives.

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Inspire Selection
for Clients

We work in partnership with our clients to source the most exceptional talent in the market

Inspire Selection
for Candidates

Our experts will support your career by getting to know you and finding you the perfect opportunities.

Join Inspire Selection

Certified as “A Great Place to Work”, our agency suits down to earth, reliable, team players who prefer to work without micromanagement.

Why Inspire Selection

We understand – it can feel like no one is listening, that you’re wasting time interviewing the wrong candidates. Working with Inspire Selection really is different to working with other recruitment agencies, we do not have any arbitrary targets to hit or shareholders to please.

Rather we work on a consultative basis with our clients and candidates, putting our energy into doing what we do best – focusing on making quality connections and filling vacancies with top calibre candidates.Inspire Selection only employs proven, experienced consultants with vast regional recruitment experience and who are fully committed to finding the right person for your business.

The difference is our talent

The industry average for filling vacancies is just 50%. This means that half the roles you give to a typical agency will not be filled successfully. We are proud that Inspire Selection’s fill rate is currently over 85%. We are persistent and thorough, and we understand what you are looking for.

This is not because of good luck– this is down to the way we operate, and our team of experienced consultants are well-networked in our industry fields, allowing us to fill vacancies with ease. The majority of the jobs we fill are from repeat business.  For the most part, we work with our clients on an exclusive basis due to the trust they have in us to deliver results every time. 

Many of our Clients also become our Candidates and vice-versa, which is true testament to the level of service we provide. Please get in touch to experience a smooth recruitment process.

Our Values

Our business may evolve but our Values remain constant

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Why companies use agencies in Dubai

Recruiting quality employees in Dubai is not an easy task. Headhunting firms or recruitment agencies in Dubai such as Inspire Selection bring specialised expertise to the table, focusing exclusively on searching for the best candidates.

Our proficiency in sourcing, evaluating, and selecting candidates can save companies substantial time and resources, ensuring that only qualified individuals are considered for open positions. Recruitment agencies boast extensive networks, tapping into a diverse pool of candidates, including passive job seekers not actively seeking new opportunities. This expansive reach enhances the likelihood of securing high-calibre talent that might elude traditional hiring methods such as online advertising. Searching for the ideal candidate is a full-time job, outsourcing the search to an agency to streamline the hiring process allows the company's internal Talent team to concentrate on their strategic Talent initiatives. 

Recruitment agencies stay abreast of industry trends, market conditions, and salary benchmarks, providing invaluable insights to employers.  By partnering with a recruitment agency in Dubai, companies gain access to specialised knowledge, a broader talent pool, streamlined processes, and adaptability to changing hiring demands. These advantages collectively contribute to a more effective and strategic approach to talent acquisition, ultimately strengthening the company's ability to build a skilled and motivated workforce.

Why candidates use agencies

Candidates benefit from using an expert recruitment agency in Dubai such as Inspire Selection as recruitment agencies often have access to a wide range of job opportunities, including those that may not be advertised publicly. This access broadens the candidate's options and increases the likelihood of finding a position that aligns with their skills, experience, and career goals. 

Recruitment agencies in Dubai also offer personalised assistance to candidates throughout the job search process. Experienced recruiters provide guidance on CV optimisation, interview preparation, and career advice, helping candidates present themselves effectively to potential employers. This personalised support can significantly enhance a candidate's chances of success in a competitive job market. Recruitment agencies have many long-established relationships with employers, giving candidates an advantage by having their profiles presented directly to hiring managers. This direct connection can expedite the hiring process and increase the visibility of the candidate among potential employers. Candidates also benefit from the industry insights and market knowledge that recruitment agencies possess. Agencies in Dubai stay informed about current trends, salary benchmarks, and skill requirements, providing candidates with valuable information to make informed decisions about their career paths. In addition, using a recruitment agency can save candidates time and effort in the job search.

Instead of navigating multiple job boards and company websites, candidates can rely on the agency to match them with suitable opportunities based on their qualifications and preferences. If you’re a candidate looking for assistance from a recruitment agency, please get in touch with us.

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Best Recruitment Experience in Dubai

"I can’t recommend Inspire Selection enough, it is the best recruitment experience I’ve ever had. Inspire Selection take the time to understand the business and the role and the quality of the candidates is exceptional. Thank you for making our lives easier!"

CFO - Tech Company

Professional & Dedicated

“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all your efforts and attention during my job search, I really appreciate all the support you provided. It’s been great working with Inspire Selection. I recommend your services to my network. I believe your professionalism and dedication to your clients and candidates is top-notch”

Marketing director - tech company

Efficient & Effective

“Thanks to Inspire Selection we were able to find the perfect candidates for our open positions efficiently and effectively. Their expertise, personalised approach, and genuine passion for connecting the right talent with the right opportunities have left a lasting impression on us.”

head of talent aquisition - Fmcg