Welcome to Inspire Selection


We spend the majority of our waking lives at work and it’s therefore hugely important to enjoy your job.

There are plenty of reasons why people change their employer. Perhaps your company is downsizing and you don’t see any future, the relationship with your boss is starting to fray, your personal ethics are not aligned with the company’s, you’re bored or you're overworked... Whatever the reason, if you’re not happy then why not allow us to help you find your ideal role.

Why should candidates register with Inspire Selection?

Our consultants don't just match skills on paper.  We'll find the best position for you based on your personality, ideal location, work environment, office timings and career prospects.

We regularly know in advance when a role is coming up, so we can ensure your CV reaches the client before anyone else's.  

Our excellent network and strong client relationships mean we can target certain companies on your behalf, ensuring your CV will get seen by the right people.  

Which companies do Inspire Selection work with?

Consultants at Inspire Selection maintain a high level of discretion on both the candidate and client sides of the business. Many of the companies we recruit for are not advertising the positions elsewhere; it is critical to them that their openings remain under the radar of the marketplace, and in some cases, their existing team.  We therefore also do not advertise every role we recruit for.

What we can tell you is that we work with reputable clients of all sizes, both multinational companies as well as local organisations. We have the luxury of being able to choose our clients, and we choose carefully.

Which levels of seniority do Inspire Selection place?

We place experienced young professionals through to senior level executives.

Please explain the salaries you advertise...

All the salaries we advertise are 'gross salaries'. This means they already include the basic salary + housing + transport allowance (known as 'gross').  If a client is offering housing allowance on top, we have usually factored this into the advertised salary already otherwise we would mention it separately under the benefits.  Typically our clients offer a flight home once a year plus medical insurance, with many Managerial roles also offering flight and medical insurance for immediate family members. Some clients pay education for kids' schooling however this is becoming a rarity.

Why do you advertise for candidates to already be living in the country?

Unfortunately this is a client request we have all the time.  Clients do not wish to consider someone overseas when they already have an excellent choice of candidates already in the same town.  Once they've exhausted the local candidate market, they may consider looking further afield.  If you have very unique skills, you will have a better chance of finding a job if you're not already in the country.

What will you do with my CV?

When we receive your CV, the first thing we do is try to understand exactly what you are looking for via an initial telephone chat. Then we check our current openings and consider our clients to see if we may have a match. If we think we might have something, we will contact you to discuss it further.  Wherever possible, we will meet you face to face for a more in depth discussion.

If we don't find an immediate match but we think you have an excellent profile, we will save your information in our database. Whenever we receive a new opening, we review CVs in our database to see if we might have a match. We never sell or share the information in our database with third parties.

Registering your details with us doesn't always mean you have to make a move; in the past we have advised our candidates, that it is in their best interest to stick it out at their current position for a little longer. We have the experience to recognize the appropriate next step for you and the integrity to do what is in your best interest.

Will you ever send my CV to one of your clients without my knowledge and/or consent?

Inspire Selection understands the importance of discretion, and will NEVER share your name, or your CV without your consent.

I need help with my CV writing

We recommend you visit our partners for a free CV review and if required, they can work on your CV to make it attractive to employers for a small fee. Click Here

I've already posted my CV on a job board / website; why should I also send it to you?

When you work with Inspire Selection, you get the personalized service of an experienced recruiter. You are only presented with relevant positions in your areas of expertise.

Posting your CV on a job board can be deemed to lower your value in the eyes of prospective employers.

Posting could get you into trouble; many companies check job boards to see which of their employees are looking to make a move. Generally it is still easy for your companies and clients to figure out who you are, even if you make your posting anonymous.

You could receive many emails for irrelevant positions. Why waste your time sorting through them? Have a conversation with an Inspire Selection recruiter instead and tell us exactly what you are looking for.

I've sent my CV via the website but have not heard back from a Consultant yet...

Rest assured that if we think we can help you find a job, we will be in touch. We receive an average of 1000 applications per vacancy handled, which is a lot of people to respond to.  Unfortunately therefore we do not have time to reply to every single applicant.  If you tick all the requirements listed on the advertisement, it's likely you will hear from us. We only shortlist approximartely 5 of the closest-matched candidates per vacancy.

Can you help me with interview tips?

This is a standard part of the recruitment process for us.  We will ensure you are fully briefed on the role, the company and the interviewer. We also have general interview tips which we will email to you with the interview confirmation details.