Last Minute Interview Rescheduling

Last Minute Interview Rescheduling

We know that important people get pulled into important meetings, however this must be avoided at all costs..


What happens when employers reschedule interviews at short notice:

  • Any excitement the candidate has for a company, could go down the drain
  • Anger and frustration of being ‘interview ready’, only to be let down at the last minute
  • It demonstrates a lack of respect for the candidate’s time
  • The candidate may have used a day’s annual leave to meet you for just an hour
  • It may be difficult for the candidate to book another day off
  • The employer's reputation could be tarnished and leave a negative impact on their brand - Candidates may share their negative experiences on social media or discuss with friends
  • Loss of trust: Last-minute cancellations can erode trust between the employer and the candidate before they’ve even met
  • Potential loss of quality candidate altogether - Providing a positive candidate experience is essential for attracting and retaining top talent. Repetitive rescheduling or cancelling interviews could lead them to withdraw their application altogether
  • Good candidates are in demand. If you're schedule too far down the line, your favourite candidate will accept another job

So how to rectify the situation?

  • Consider asking a colleague to stand in for you – an interview with someone else in the team is better than no interview at all
  • If you need to reschedule, be as flexible as possible - Think about offering a time which is outside normal working hours- Try to accommodate a lunch time or after work
  • Employers will need to really make an effort to get back on the ‘right side’ of the candidate

Finally, put the shoe on the other foot –imagine how you would feel as the Employer, if a candidate pulled out of the interview at the last minute – would you give them a second chance?


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